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Sunset Marine Labs 3ON - 20 Gallon Real Jellyfish Aquarium (3ON-JF-20)

Sunset Marine Labs

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    The third generation in EON family, the 3ON is similar to the original 10 gallon EON, but in a 20 gallon stretched version. This 20 gallon Jellyfish Tumbler Aquarium comes complete with everything you need to get started: a pump, 3-stage filter including the initial mechanical and chemical filter media and remote controlled, and color changing LED lights. Simply add jellyfish and you are good to go! 

    Tumbler Aquarium: Utilizing a square-flow design, first introduced in the mid 1990's by the Monterey Bay Aquarium & the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, the EON Jellyfish System produces a similar environment encountered by the jellyfish in nature. With the square-flow design the jellies are allowed to bell naturally which encourages proper feeding habits. Proper feeding, of course, along with the up and down flow pattern creates an ideal habitat for sustaining happy and healthy jellies.

    Once you receive your 3ON Jellyfish System, it should take about 1/2 hour to set the tank up & add your pre-mixed and aerated saltwater. After that, please return to our store and place your first order for jellyfish. Jellyfish must be shipped separately because they are ship via air.

    "Seeded" Biological filter media arrives with your first order of jellyfish. We send you BioBalls that are biologically active and will assist in cycling your tank. Simply add them to your filter box and you're all set! You will still need to monitor ammonia and nitrite levels until cycling is complete. We also highly recommend purchasing the API Ammonia and Nitrite Saltwater Test Kits to ensure your newly setup EON Jellyfish System has completely cycled.

    Maintenance: Once a week you will need to change 1 gallon of saltwater and the mechanical filter. You will also clean the all interior surfaces with a small acrylic cleaning magnet (Time: 30 minutes). Every other week you will also exchange 1 of the three carbon filters (Time: an additional 5 minutes). Every three months you will clean out the spray bar holes and the drain screen, along with the pump and check valve (Time: an additional 15 minutes). The built in wet/dry filter will maintain your chemical & biological filtration and therefore, water quality and clarity on a daily basis. Such a stable environment is exactly what the jellies need to thrive.

    The EON Jellyfish System is now available in a variety of custom colors and sizes! Just choose the one that fits your decor. If you would like an EON in a custom size (other than 10 and 20 gallons), please email us for pricing:


    • The 20 gallon Jellyfish Tumbler Aquarium
    • LifeGard QuietOne submersible pump
    • 3-stage filtration (mechanical, chemical, biological)
    • Color-changing LED strips w/ remote control
    • 1-month supply of mechanical and chemical filter replacements
    • "Seeded" biological filters (BioBalls)
    • 3 free medium (2") moon jellyfish and 250g free frozen jellyfish food with your first purchase of jellyfish
    • Quick Start Guide and Complete Instruction Manual PDF
    • Delivery: 4-6 weeks
    • Dimensions: 12.5"L x 15.5"W x 36"H (base is 12"H and exhibit area is 24"H)
    • How many jellyfish: 30 small or 18 medium or 9 large jellies
    • Weight with water: 200 lbs
    • Made in USA 

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