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JBJ Protein Skimmer Kit for 28 Gallon Nano Cube (MT-60-PS)

JBJ Lighting

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  • * Compact air-drive counter current protein skimmer for 28 gallon Nano Cubes
    * Supplementary filtration device effectively removes dissolved aquarium pollutants
    * Compact protein skimmer fits in rear filtration chamber for discreet installation

    JBJ Lighting

    Enhance water quality in your 28 gallon Nano Cube aquarium system. Counter-current protein skimmer removes dissolved organic waste while oxygenating aquarium water. Compact design fits in the rear filtration chamber of 28 gallon Nano Cube aquarium systems. Use the Nano Protein Skimmer Kit to upgrade your Nano Cube 28-gallon  or as a replacement skimmer for your Nano Cube 28-gallon HQI aquarium system. Easy-to-install protein skimmer features removable collection cup for convenient maintenance. Protein Skimmer Kit comes equipped with a collection cup, wood airstone, air pump, 6 ft of air hose, T-connector for the air pump, and adjustable bracket.


    Protein Skimmer Setup Guide
    Your protein skimmer comes equipped with a collection cup, wood airstone, air pump with adjustable dial, 6 ft of air hose, T-connector for the air pump, and adjustable bracket.

    NOTE: Do not activate air pump on the protein skimmer until your aquarium has completely finished through the nitrogen cycle.

    Getting Started
    Step 1: Cut two 6" pieces of airline hose and insert over the two output nozzles on the air pump.

    Step 2: Insert both ends of the airline hose into T-Connector.

    Step 3: Connect remaining airline hose from the protein skimmer airline intake pipe and T-connector.

    Step 4: Adjust dial on the air pump so the foam level is 2-3 inches below the collection cup. The protein skimmer will usually require a "break in" period up to seven days before producing skimmate. Each skimmer is equipped with an adjustable hanging bracket. This bracket attaches to the filter wall and can be adjusted higher or lower to desired skimmate consistency.

    Step 5: Discarding the Skimmate can be done two ways:

    1. Remove the collection cup from the skimmer column when cup is full. Take to sink and drain.
    2. Set up a skimmate container such as an empty 2-liter soda bottle and drain directly from the collection cup. Remove the black drain cap from the bottom of the collection cup and attach airline to drain directly into the 2-liter bottle.

    General Information
    The counter-current design protein skimmer effectively removes dissolved organics while oxygenating the water. The protein skimmer does not release any micro-bubbles into the main body of the aquarium.

    Discarding the skimmate in the Collection Cup is easily accomplished by removing the removable cup or setting up a skimmate collection container, such as a plastic 2-liter soda bottle. A drain hole and hose is provided for the latter option. Air pump and tubing are included, as well as a replaceable wooden air stone. The Collection Cup holds approximately 0.30 liters of skimmate. The water level in the protein skimmer reaction chamber is kept constant even if the rear filter compartment runs dry.

    The protein skimmer is equipped with an adjustable Hanging Bracket. This bracket attaches to the filter wall and can be adjusted higher or lower to maintain desired skimmate consistency. It is recommended to replace the wooden airstone every other month for the most consistent foam and micro-bubble production. The entire protein skimmer is removable for periodic cleaning and maintenance.

    It is recommended to allow the protein skimmer a "break-in" period of up to seven days before it begins to effectively remove dissolved organic compounds from the water.


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