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Sunset Marine Labs Moon Jellyfish - 3 Large Jellyfish

Sunset Marine Labs

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    Sea jellies, sometimes called jellyfish, are boneless, brainless and heartless. They are made almost entirely of water. They are also survivors, and have been around since before the dinosaurs. Moon jellyfish often live in large groups in the sea. You can easily identify them by their four moons in the middle. These are their reproductive organs. A moon jelly can range from 1 to 15 inches in diameter.
    • Three of the 3 inch diameter moon jellyfish. 
    • Aurelia aurita—lab cultured, tank raised.
    • Temperature range: 64ºF-78ºF (18ºC-26ºC) 


    • 3 free medium (2") moon jellyfish and 250g free frozen jellyfish food with your first purchase of jellyfish
    • Every other order receives 1 free jellyfish!

    How many jellies do you need: 

    • For a 10 gallon tank you need: 20 small or 10 medium or 5 large jellies
    • For a 20 gallon tank you need: 30 small or 18 medium or 9 large jellies

    How long do they live: Jellyfish in captivity, when maintained properly, will live about one year from start to finish. That is their normal life expectancy. This being said, if you have a jelly that is 2” in diameter it is about 3 months old and you will have it to enjoy for about 9 more months. If you have a jelly that is 3” in diameter, it is about 4 months old and you will have it to enjoy for about 8 months. One year is one year - from the time of strobilation (the time when the jelly is “born”) to the time that it grows old and dies. So even though you received it in January, let’s say, it is already 3 or 4 months old and will only live for another 8 or 9 months until September or October - not until the following January.

    We always recommend initially purchasing jellies that are about the same diameter. We do not recommend purchasing jellies that are vastly different in size.
    When keeping a number of jellies in a closed system, the strongest jellies will emerge in the first two months and begin to get larger than the others. This is “natural selection” and is normal. You will see the larger ones grow and the weaker ones either stay the same size or get smaller. Therefore, purchasing jellies of different sizes does not allow for natural selection to take place. The larger animals you purchased will immediately out compete the smaller ones even though the smaller ones may be strong animals. Do not overfeed in an attempt to get more food into the smaller ones. Feeding them more may seem like a solution, but it is not.

    Shipping Jellyfish: Overnight delivery is mandatory & you must be available to acclimate the jellyfish into your jellyfish aquarium the day they arrive. We ship Standard Overnight delivery via UPS which puts the jellyfish on your doorstep in the afternoon.

    Orders received before 11 am EST Monday - Wednesday, ship that day. If you need them delivered on a specific date, please specify in the Note to Seller box at checkout. Otherwise, we will schedule your shipment according to the time it was received.

    *Understandably, we are concerned about the welfare of our animals. Many people do not understand that a specialized tank with proper filtration is necessary to responsibly keep jellyfish as pets. Therefore, to guard against misinformed purchases of live animals online, we reserve the right to cancel any live jellyfish order at our discretion.*

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