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biOrb LED Moonlight Accessory Pack (45993)


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    The Moonlight senses when the room is dark and automatically switches to a soothing blue light. This light can be fitted to your biOrb to replace the standard halogen light.

    The intelligent LED light simulates a 24 hour light cycle. At night this light automatically creates a calming ambient glow. An in-built sensor detects when the room is dark and automatically switches from the white daylight bulb to a blue moonlight. Left plugged in constantly, the light typically costs just pence per day to run.

    biOrb LED Moonlight comes with an adapter plate so it can fit the following models:

    • 4 Gallon Baby
    • 8 Gallon biOrb
    • 9 Gallon biUbe
    • 16 Gallon biOrb
    • 105L biOrb
    • Will not fit the biOrb FLOW

    Accessory Pack Includes:

    • 12V AC Power 50/60 Hz
    • 5W halogen light bulb
    • 1x Moonlight LED
    • Built-in automatic light sensor
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